Wolf-Garten RR550 *Power Cut Bypass Lopper 40Mm - B00AQZJWH6

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  • Length: 550 mm

  • Ergonomic 1-K plastic handles

  • Non-stick blades

  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • A simple rule for choosing the right lopper is bypass for younger branches and anvil for hardier or dead wood. It is especially important to ensure you use the right tool for the job when cutting greener branches as the bypass lopper allows for a more accurate cut without crushing the branch. Be sure that the lopper will be able to make one clean cut, otherwise you cause multiple wounds to the branch that can attract insects or disease more quickly. The longer the handles, the more leverage you will have when cutting, making it easier to achieve a clean cut. Telescopic loppers are available in the WOLF-Garten range to reach taller bushes.

    Box Contains

    1 x Wolf-Garten RR550 Power Cut 40mm Bypass Loppers

    Wolf-Garten RR550 *Power Cut Bypass Lopper 40Mm - B00AQZJWH6