Felco FM13 Model 13 Two Handed Multi-Purpose Secateurs - B000NCWRRE

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  • Forged Aluminium alloy handles with extended left handle

  • Manually adjustable centre-nut for aligning play between heat treated steel cutting and screw mounted anvil blades

  • Wire cutting notch

  • Cushion and shock absorber to protect the hand and wrist

  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

  • Style Name:Two Handed

    The Felco No.13 is a multi purpose, high quality bypass secateurs made with precision engineering in Switzerland. The secateurs are made from forged aluminium alloy making them lightweight and sturdy and the design of the handles ensures that they are comfortable to use.

    The No.13 features an extended left handle, this allows the user to use the secateur with two hands which makes it easier when cutting through larger branches.

    Cutting and anvil blades
    The blades are made from high quality steel and the cutting blade incorporates a wire-cutting notch to ensure that you do not damage the cutting edge on your blade. The anvil blade features a sap groove to help prevent your blades from sticking when cutting sappy wood.

    Cushion stops
    The secateur features rubber cushion stops that help absorb the impact when cutting which protects the wrist.

    Central alignment system
    When using your secateurs you may use them to cut through an item that is too large for the secateurs which may result in the blades moving slightly apart, the No.13 is recommended for cutting items up to a thickness of 30mm. The central mechanism on the Felco No. 13 enables you to easily realign the blades to ensure a clean precise cut every time preventing damage and disease to your plants.

    All Felco secateurs come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturers defects, all parts of a Felco can be replaced and a refurbishment services is available.

    Box Contains

  • 1 x Felco No.13 Secateur
  • Adjustment Key

    Felco FM13 Model 13 Two Handed Multi-Purpose Secateurs - B000NCWRRE