Double Headed Combisystem Garden Hand Hoe Wooden Handle 11.5" - B01BNRPX3C

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  • Why is our multi garden tool better than average tools, because it is lots in one. Many times quicker and effective gardening result with this tool as you would use the old way, mean fork and mattock or even hoe and fork variation.

  • Combine the fork and mattock also combined hoe and fork at same times. The tool is made from super strong iron so little chance to get rusty, also the wooden handle is attached with screw to give an established use.

  • This very strong and nearly life time usage tool works well in a great selection of all soil types. Available to use for planting, transplanting, potting, to even and smooth surface, clear patio joint from weeds. Also great for any edge pulling straight line.

  • Mattocks special size allows you to work at close quarters in all garden areas. The mattock by the shaped edge can be used to break compacted or rocky soil conditions very quickly without too much muscle use. You are also able to lever out stones, small pavers etc whilst the hand fork is versatile enough to use to cultivate soil, mark out small drill holes and work within small restricted areas between plants.

  • Available to make planter hole for plants. Great and super quick for get rid of weeds, This tool is available to scuffle / save off the unwanted top soil, so you can make an even surface. The back fork usage like any other fork before, maybe because of lovely thin size, you are able to work between small planting places between flowers.

  • We offering a reasonable price, so all households can afford. Garden lovers finally can enjoy gardening in minutes all weeds can be got rid of. Time and energy saving make the gardeners even happier. High quality tool will be useful all year around and the faulty, breaking chance is nearly zero, so you don't have to worry about replacement . If You are fed up with flimsy quality of garden tools? Your tool get broken so often, so have to buy another year by year, the end you start thinking of low maintenance garden. Or you just find it too much to buy many different tools to keep your yard / garden tidy here is a solution.

    Double Headed Combisystem Garden Hand Hoe Wooden Handle 11.5" - B01BNRPX3C